Thursday, 25 May 2017

How to Transfer Money from India to Oman

One of the country of UAE that is ruled by Sultan who is the highest authority in defense and finance matters. The country is highly popular for various kinds of job ranging from IT to driving. This is one of the reasons that many people tend to ply to these areas looking for a job. Though adverse heat during the summer and cold climate during the winter often shun various on-lookers still there is a huge crowd moving out for a better lifestyle privileges.

Reasons to Send Money to Oman from India

Still many people there tend to have the need of financial support of immediate funds which could easily be met through instant wire transfer. Many inhabitants tend to request money mainly with the purpose of
  • Immediate ailment often calls for emergency funds and the cost of medication is often found to be very expensive in these parts of the world.
  • You have to send money to some account which belongs to the client residing in Oman, could be easily catered
  • Education could also call for immediate funds
  • Residing charges are pretty expensive leveraging a higher effect on usual monthly budget 

Modes to Wire Transfer from India to Oman

Reasons could be many but the reply to all these is funds in the form of Oman Rial. You can send funds to through various modes as listed below,
  1. You can send money from India to Oman through account transfers from authenticated exchange houses. They always provide precise rates with full security as any defaming activity could mark their license at stake. These exchange houses are regularly audited and inspected by regulatory bodies. Keeping them under constant check.
  2. Tons of local dealers are available who do not have proper authentication and also might allure you with attractive discounts and offers which stand a chance of higher risk.
  3. You can send Oman Rial in the form of FCDD or popularly known as Foreign Currency Demand Draft which is just like the demand draft but this stands for foreign currency. These drafts have three months validity period send mainly for selected purpose like Visa, educational fee payments and other essentials.
  4.  TT or telegram transfer is yet another mode of transferring money from India to Oman. Easiest and most secured manner to send money which gets credited within 48 hours. You can also block your rates through an online portal or mobile app.

Simple Steps to Send Money to Oman

  • Check the rates of Oman Rial at online space before approaching a dealer
  • Get in touch with your nearest foreign exchange dealer with a pre-condition that the dealer is an authorized dealer as per regulatory bodies, Also check the reviews and feedback of the service provider before moving on the final deal.
  • Take valid ID when going to the foreign exchange dealer as that is an essential KYC norm. 
  • Once the amount is sent please confirm with your relative or friend regarding the receipt of the amount at the earliest. 
  • For any sort of clarification do not hesitate to cross check with the exchange house or the dealer.  
There are also easier means of having foreign currency with you by carrying a simple multi-currency card which could easily be reloaded by the sender from the home country at any time.

The Foreign exchange made easy and simple for all to avail at their ease. 


  1. Sheeba this is good to know. We just laid over in Oman 3 months ago. Beautiful place.


  2. Good to know, I know many people from South Africa wanting to emigrate to the UAE. Oman is definitely on my bucket list, have seen stunning pictures!

  3. Very interesting to learn about other countries! I have to remember this post if I ever visit!

    -Danielle Ruppert ~

  4. Interesting facts, I haven't been to Oman before but if I do, I know what to do with my money now :)

  5. Hope to travel one day and these things are good for me to take note of!

  6. Great guide regarding money matters in these countries. Never been to any of these but i would love to visit India.


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