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Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Record & Director List

Game of thrones is an epic fantasy television show created by David Beniof & D.B.Weiss based on a series of books written by Sir.George. R.R.Martin. Game of thrones completed its 6 seasons in HBO, luring huge fans base from around the globe. Despite of some negative factors, it still stands much ahead from the rest of the crowd with crowds of fans pouring in from season to season.

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Record in Social Media

Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer bags a whopping 67.6 million views in 24 hours from all social media platforms which broke all the existing records.

Splitting up the figure-
·         41 million from Facebook,
·         19 million from YouTube
·         4 million from Twitter.

In fact the previous record were 63 million views for season 6 trailer of game of thrones.

Show creators announced that final two seasons will be reduced to 7 episodes instead of 10. Hence things sure to be a lot tighter & bloodier this year. Game of thrones Sixth book of the series is yet to be published. George.R.R.Martin is busy finishing the book for the coming seasons. Thus he hinted about the ending of the series as

George.R.R.Martin said -“Game of Thrones will have a bittersweet ending.” this might raise your throbbing a little heavier than earlier because someone’s going to die or get crippled.

List of Directors of Game of Thrones Season 7

Game of Thrones directed by 10 or more directors throughout these six seasons. Season 7 is being directed by 4 Directors including Jeremy Podeswa & Alan Taylor. Alan Taylor had directed six episodes from first two seasons of the series.

Episode 1 & 7: Jeremy Podeswa directed 4 episodes in Game of thrones from Season 5 & 6. Podeswa going to kick start the show this year as well as the end note, mostly recognized for directing “Home” & "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" of season 5.

Episode 2 & 3: Mark Mylod is directing second & third episode of the show this year. “The Broken Man” from season 6 has received higher ratings in TV.

Episode 4 & 5: Matt Shakman is entering the prestigious list of game of thrones directors by directing fourth & fifth episode of the show this year.

Episode 6: Alan Taylor is back, Taylor has been busy with his films so long and will mark his return by directing the sixth episode.

Season 6 was closed with 2 big bash episodes including the grand finale “Winds of Winter”. Episode 9 & 10 become two highly over-rated episodes in TV till date for Game of thrones which is directed by Miguel Sapochnik. His popularity touched the sky after directing the final 2 episodes of the show. Miguel Sapochnik is not included in the season 7 directors list, probably spared for the most thrilling final season of the show.

Keeping watching your mega-show with favorites come to the silver screen.

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Trailer #2

 Watch this new Game of Thrones Trailer from YouTube

 Game of thrones will release on 16.7.2017| Wait for the Epic Show

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  1. My fave tv show ever! Thanks for the info liked getting some more info than I already know.

  2. There is so much rave on this show but I just have really never gotten into it. I guess I just do not like the theme and genre of the show :/ but I am glad so many people like it.

    -Danielle Ruppert ~

  3. I love GOT can't wait for the next season! xx So excited!

    Sophia x

  4. Great article, great presentation! I haven't watch any single episode though, i know it's like an addiction for some people.

  5. Oh nice! Is it really bad I haven't watched Game of Thrones, like at all?

  6. I hear about Game of Thrones all the time! I bet it's really fun? Maybe I should watch sometime!

  7. I HAVE to finally start watching game of thrones! It's been on my series-bucket-list for a while now! Thanks for this reminder that it I should take the time to just sit on the sofa and do nothing but enjoy a good show for once :)


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