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How to Add Sections in a Pinterest Board?A Step by Step Guide

Pinterest has updating and implementing many changes in board designs lately. Now a new change has been rolled out in board designs-Sections. Add sections in Pinterest boards feature is a brilliant way of showcasing or categorizing your pins under different sections. Before this change, Pinners saved pins based on category ideas like Movies, Plant life, Technology etc, now we can split this again as we speak. Pinners can create sub categories inside a board, 

Example: If you have board named as Movies, Create different sections inside this board as action movies, horror movies, comedy movies, Drama, Thriller etc. 

Note: Add section feature is not available for Pinterest Group boards

How to Add Sections in Pinterest Boards? 

Its really an awesome feature for Pinterest users, I already added sections into my Pinterest boards. Here I'm explaining how to add sections in a Pinterest board,
Step 1: Login to your Pinterest account
Enter your Pinterest login credentials if you are Pinterest user or If you are new to Pinterest, 
  • No problem signup/register by using your mail Id
  • It is rather easy to signup with Facebook.
  • Use your Google account to signup, 
I would recommend last two options. 

Step 2: After Login, You can see all latest of your Pinterest home feed
Yay!! Your Pinterest home feed with all new pins about your favorite topics, 
Click on your profile pic in the right top and go to your Pinterest profile page.

Step 3: Pinterest profile page, If you are not optimized your profile Now is the time,
You can see the slider of my Pinterest profile page, you can add only 5 of your favorite boards into this slider to improve the visual appearance for your profile page.

Here's another tip: Use a unique design for all your boards cover photos. It will also be eye catchy. Now don't worry about how to create a cover photo design for your boards, Really its very easy, Visit  ,Create a free account and start designing your dream design. Canva is the best tool available in online which allows many features for free account holders.

Step 4: Open one of your boards to add sections,
  Select which board you want for more optimizing, In my profile I chose "Cameras" board.
I think its very good to create additional sections in camera like company name, models, user friendliness and more.

Step 5: Click "Add Section" under board name
This is time for creating something better!!! You can only see this "Add section" as an option in non group boards. I hope Pinterest will update this in the near future, this feature will really increase the chance in group boards.

Step 6: Give a name for your new section
I have given a name as New Models-1 for this demo post. You must give section name as something creative or basic. No problem its your board your choice!!

Step 7: This steps ends with how to create sections in Pinterest boards,

Now you can see the newly created "New Models-1" section in "cameras" board.

How to Save Pin in Sections Under a Board in Pinterest?

You have defined a section in a board, Now how to save a pin to that section. Its really simple as before but some small changes/additional steps.
  • Step 1: Click save button, save pin via web or device
  • Step 2:  Here I have saved a pic of a camera for demo purpose,

You can clearly see a the character I marked in the above image. Its to open the board further.
Provide suitable captions/descriptions for your pin before saving it.

 You can see my newly added section "New Models-1" under camera.
  •  Step 3: Save the pin, this is how it looks inside the board,
How to add sections in Pinterest

Advantages of adding sections inside a board

  • This feature will increase your chances to showcase your business related pins. 
  • This will improve the way your boards visual presentation.
  • You can arrange the pins according to a secondary topic under a primary topic.
  • Encourages more people to follow your profile.
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